Animal Feed

MYLAN EPD SP. Z O.O. has through the years become one of the leaders in the S.E Asia, European and Ukraine of MBM, Feather meal and Fish meal market, as well as the largest Meat and Bone Meal exporter in the Thailands.

We mainly export Meat bone meal, Feather meal, Fish meal, Poultry meal 3rd category, Soybean meal to Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Bangladesh and EU. Thanks to good relations with customers and our reliability as a supplier we have built big and strong supplying chain to Asia and EU.

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Meat bone meal 47% – 52% min
Fish meal 64% – 70% min
Blood Meal 90% min
Soybean Meal 45% min
Corn Gluten Meal
Feather meal 80% – 85% min.


Barley Seeds
Yellow Maize/Corn (for Animal consumption).

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